We are a team with laser sharp focus on


Setting high quality standards and striving for continuous improvement and quality assurance


Comprehensive and state of the art solutions in design, product development, manufacturing, quality and delivery management


Achieving long term sustainability of economic, environment & social 

Guiding Stars

Anders Carlius

Member of Board

Over 20 years within various business & technological areas

Inamuddin Qureshi

Member of Board

Over 40 years in Manufacturing, Strategic & Economic operational optimisations

Stefan Hansson

Member of Board

Over 20 years within various business areas with focus on Finance


Each specialist works with their own team to deliver value to the customer

Aisha Qureshi

Fashion & Design Specialist

Skilled in Lifestyle Products, Food, Men and women fashion, eCommerce shoots.

Badrul Islam

Customer & Relation Speciaiist

Skilled in developing strong and trusted relationship with customers by understanding customer pain points and addressing them

Mohd Rashid Khan

Production & Process Specialist

Over 30 years experience of manufacturing planning and managing production activities to ensure timely deliveries

Rajiv Pande

Industry Specialist

Over 34 years of expertise in technical aspects of apparel & textiles manufacturing, product development, plant operations, supply chain management, sourcing, project management, systems implementation in apparel industry and setting high quality standards.

Ajay Malhotra

Marketing & Operations Specialist

Skilled Marketing and Operations Specialist driven to develop successful product marketing plans that satisfy clients and meet demanding objectives. First rate attention to detail and creative mindset. In depth knowledge of cost analysis and fabrics. 25 years of marketing and operations experience.